This workshop is designed for mothers with children ages 0 to 5

Would you like to learn to communicate and develop acceptance and understanding of your newborn baby?

And more about:

  • The first relationships. Child egocentrism.
  • How to be a good mother.
  • How to start building trust between you and your baby.
  • Early emotional development of a healthy infant.
  • What the mental activity of the infant begins with.
  • The infant’s ability to form connections with the outside world.

Understanding and helping to develop the emotional world of the child is as important as understanding and helping him or her develop physical skills and the ability to learn. A child’s personality is plastic and extremely sensitive. Even if, as an adult, he forgets about his experiences in the first year of life, they will still reflect in his personality. You can be certain that he or she will be affected by restrictions of freedom of expression experienced in infant life, such as lack of love or tenderness. Parents can educate mechanically, according to strict rules and laws, or, alternatively, they can open before the child a friendly, loving and happy world.

Contact Yelena Dvoskina, MA, LPC, EMDR Certified Therapist
Phone: (720)381-7491
Cost: $35 per person for groups of 10 and more.

If you are concerned about how conflicts in your relationship are affecting your children, come in for an individual consultation.