I offer supervision with a focus on what each therapist needs at his or her particular point in development. The goal of my supervision is to help new therapists achieve professional excellence while working in ways that are compatible with their own beliefs and personal styles.
I am interested in helping therapists assist patients in gaining insight into why they are having particular problems, as well as developing greater access to their feelings, understanding their needs more clearly, and better communicating these feelings and needs with others. I encourage them to help their patient develop insight and self-reflection.
Good clinical supervision involves many of the same skills as good psychotherapy: it is important for the supervisor to be open to, and not harshly judgmental of, the student’s work, while at the same time being clear about ways in which the student’s assumptions, beliefs, and distortions can block the progress of the work they do as a psychotherapist. Although there are important areas of overlap, the role of a supervisor is not the same as the role of a psychotherapist. A supervisor must be clinically sensitive in understanding the complexity of the patient’s issues, as well as understanding the struggles of the therapist. Supervision includes the discussion of various theories.
My professional orientation is eclectic and integrates self-psychology, object relations, intersubjectivity, and personality theories.
My approach to supervision is to guide psychotherapists in building self-confidence, trusting their own voice and fine tuning their psychotherapeutic technique. This might entail helping to process countertransferential feelings and thoughts; examining the utility of specific therapeutic interventions; or exploring the impact of a patient’s childhood history on current distress. The unique transference-countertransference matrix created with each patient will help illuminate where the focus of the supervision will be.
In addition to offering private supervision, I am a supervisor for students at the University of Denver Professional Psychology Clinic.
Please feel free to contact me for a consultation. We can discuss a manageable fee for supervision.